w Typesetting/Proofreading: We typeset and proofread your copy to ensure
      your message is accurately conveyed, sized correctly, and projects a
      polished professional look.
w Camera Ready Art: Display ads are finished in house and sent to
      designated publications in camera ready art form.

Reducing your cost per hire:

w Reducing your overall cost per hire, which is a significant component of
      your yearly expense, is increasingly important in today’s business
w Classified Canada rebates 3.96% from the 15% we receive from the
      media. Other agencies keep the 15% commission and add other charges
      such as ad production, communication, etc.
w As your recruitment advertising agency, our pledge is to minimize your
      cost of help wanted advertising.Our efficient organizational structure
      allows us to hold down costs and provide you with a 3.96% discount on
      your advertising space. You get good old fashioned service without
      the added costs.

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